Welcome to Sakya Technologies,

Sakya Technologies is a company which provides Engineering Solutions and Products across the globe. The Company's business interests are the Productized Solutions, Services and R & D in future technologies.

We are acting as R&D center for many manufacturing companies,

Sakya Technologies has special expertise working with:

Bullet  Embedded systems software solutions.

Bullet  Providing R&D solutions to all small level and medium level industries.

Bullet  Power converters and Inverters, Various types of controller and Tuning of controllers.

Bullet  Research and Development in Wind energy, Solar Energy, Induction heating.

Bullet  Energy Optimization.


To become a leading software MNC which delivers R&D solutions, meeting international standards across the globe.

To exceed our client's expectations, deliver successful and cost effective software products.


To be a leader in Research and Development by Designing and delivering software development for the Core Industries,

To innovate and provide advanced, quality products and solutions

we develop software to face real-world challenges.

Providing Cost effective solutions

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For more information on SakyaTechnologies Engineering Services please visit www.sakyatechnologies.com/service.html or write to: sakyaservices@sakyatechnologies.com